Natalie Kerridge's Testimonial

"My new increased awareness regarding my tendency to habitually over breath

has meant that I am now able to control my symptoms.

Thank you so much for teaching me this!"

- Natalie Kerridge


Hales Dominique's Testimonial

'"I have been taking Ventolin everyday since I was about 10 years old, as well as Becotide and Intal in the early years. I am now 34. Since doing the Buteyko workshop I have been able to comfortably breathe without the need for medication"

- Hales Dominique


Matthew Leeke's Testimonial

"A medical crisis overseas in November 98 was diagnosed as

Asthma. Although lung function was normal Flixotide was prescribed 250m x 2 daily. The two attempts to come off the medication resulted in the onset of symptoms within 2 days. Brocodilators (Brycanol) had little effect and tended to increase the severity of the attack when taken repetitively over a few days

Within a few days of learning Buteyko's method I found I was able to control my breathing to the point where Flixotide became unnecessary. I've now been symptom free for 3 months. l have become soundly convinced that incorrect breathing was the major contributing factor to the breakdown in my health. Having now understood Buteyko's method I do not hesitate in recommending this approach to other people suffering from respiratory complaints"

- Matthew Leeke



Eileen Harry's Testimonial

"My family and friends can't believe the turn around in my health since l began Buteyko.

Although I still have a way to go to reach my goal, I am very excited about my progress so far. In January I was planning my funeral, now I'm planning the rest of my life.

Thankyou Suzy Beach, Thankyou Buteyko"

Medical condition - Chronic sinus - fibroids - septoplasy antrostomies in both nostrils

- Eillen Harry


Theresa Babcock's Testimonial

"I felt my asthma was getting more out of control because of side effects of preventatives

and my reluctance to use them effectively. While initially feeling a bit overwhelmed, once I got on the right track it has proved a very liberating experience. Having more understanding of what the body is trying to achieve when experiencing asthma has been very enlightening and has helped me take more responsibility for my health"

Medical Condition - hayfever and general allergic reactions - chronic fatigue for last 12 years

- Theresa Babcock


Eileen Boswell's Testimonial

"My condition has improved far beyond my expectation. I can't speak highly enough of the Buteyko Method.

I just wish all people with breathing problems would try it. I know l have a long way to go to master the program, but even up to now my improvement has been like a miracle to me. Thanks Buteyko"

Medical History - Before doing Buteyko program had 4 hospital visits in previous 5 weeks (3 asthma, 1 heart atrial fibrulation)

- Eileen Boswell