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Teaching Buteyko is my passion and I have been doing so since 1997. I'm very grateful for this simple, profound & unique method. It truly is a great gift for reclaiming our birthright of balanced, optimum health - physically, spiritually & emotionally.

Most students are getting the results they require after 5 day's training and are independent, but I happily offer unlimited follow up at no extra cost.

A Buteyko Workshop consists of 5 sessions of 2 hr duration each. Small group workshops and also individual training are offered continually

The suggested donation for your 10 hours plus of training, stop watch & information booklets is $400. All classes are held at Coolah Place.

There are lots & lots of great websites on the Buteyko Breathing Method but one of my favourites is a site called Normal Breathing by Dr. Artour Rakhimov. And of course Jennifer & Russell Stark's fantastic website. There are also numerous clips on U tube.

5474 3358 or 042 775 9099 or email me suzybeach8@gmail.com


Buteyko Sunshine Coast.


Jennifer & Russell Stark's fantastic website- http://www.buteykoworks.com

Normal Breathing website - http://www.normalbreathing.com

Alex Spence 'The Breathing Man' website - http://www.thebreathingman.com